Best movie fights to watch again and again: 100


100 is a sensational analytical movie composed and coordinated by Sam Anton. This is best appropriate in the event that you are hoping to observe some exceptionally engaged insightful story. One of the most engaging and extraordinary compared to other spine chiller motion pictures out there that leaves you with chills. Watch 100 movie online today is a movie online.

Cast and Crew:

Actor: Atharvaa

Actress: HansikaMotwani

Other actors: Radha Ravi, RaajAiyyappa

Director: Sam Anton

Cinematographer: Krishnan Vasant

Music: Sam C.S.

Other information:

Runtime: 141 minutes

Release date: 09 May 2019

genre: Action, Drama, Investigation 


Legend satya was propelled by his youth closest companion anwar to turn into a cop and battle violations. Satya loves examination and all the battles a cop faces regarding their cases. He makes an honest effort to get past all the tests and in the end will turn into a cop be that as it may, he will be relegated to 100 call divisions where they need to accept public crisis call administrations. He discovers later that even with such high expectations for everyday comforts his better half keeps up, she does likewise baffling position as he does. Satya was guided by a senior official who is broadly called a ‘gun’ perumal. He is celebrated for not utilizing a gun in his vocation and his solitary confidence in that office is that each cop’s life will change when they accept their 100th call. Much the same as he accepts, Satya’s life will proceed. Satya gets a call from a young lady who was attempted to be killed quite a while in the past, the young lady demands satya for some assistance as professing to be hijacked, satya will every one of his powers spares the young lady and hands her over to his believed youth best police companion accepting that he will deal with her. Next morning, as he doesn’t hear news on television about the young lady discovered, he meets his companion and gets some information about it where Anwar denies that Satya gave over any young lady. There Satya comprehends that even anwar is essential for that wrongdoing. Later after a thorough examination and losing anwar to death, Satya discovers a terrible truth about missing young ladies.


Artists Performance:

  • Atharvaa’s acting and discourse conveyance is remarkable.
  • HansikaMotwani has been the excellence she has consistently been.
  • Other entertainers in the film worked their best.

Technical Aspects:

  • Direction and content composing demonstrated to be imaginative and significant.
  • Cinematography and altering is acceptable.
  • Music and BGM are in best sync with the temperament of the film.

This film will be the best one to pick in the event that you are planning to watch something energizing to put your psyche all through the film. The examination strategy and portrayal will truly be one of the fundamental reasons that makes this film more alluring to watch.

This is one of the best thrillers movies you can watch and you can watch 100 movie online in telugu just on aha.

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