Home Repair: Tips and Tricks for the Time-Conscious Handyman


Keeping a tidy home is important, but for a busy handyman, home repair projects can be a challenge. However, we’ve got some tips and tricks that will help you get the job done in a timely and efficient manner, so you’re not spending all day cleaning up after yourself.

Start the morning off right

Get the essentials out of the way before you start your day. When you’re short on time, it’s better to do these tasks before you start the actual project. Your morning hours will be used for more productive work, rather than time spent doing chores.

Stop Procrastinating

Most local handyman in Park Row find that it’s just easier to start the day in a clean and orderly state. One of the ways that we procrastinate is by staying up late working on an unimportant project. By getting up early and finishing small projects first thing in the morning, you’re getting them out of the way before you get into the swing of things.

Don’t leave dirty laundry until the last minute

This is especially important for busy handymen. When you’re rushing to get all your projects done for the day, you don’t have time to finish what you started. One of the best ways to avoid this mess is to avoid leaving dirty laundry until the last minute.

Create a master list

Once you know what you need to get done, make a list of the tasks to be completed. You can create this master list on your computer or tablet. You can also print it out and keep it in your toolbox for reference.

Be Proactive

Have a specific plan in mind. For example, if you’re getting a new door for the garage, set aside specific hours to complete the project. Make sure that you take care of the little things that are overlooked. You’ll have a much easier time finishing the project if you have specific steps you want to follow.

Set priorities

Once you have a plan in mind, set priorities. If you have a lot of different projects going on at once, you won’t be able to keep track of them all. Create a simple list of priorities.

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