Screen Rooms: Some Facts


Enjoy your new screen room in the mornings while enjoying a cup of hot coffee and smelling the beautiful morning dew. A new screen room by Sunscape might help you realize this fantasy. Learn more about screened in patio in Long Island, NY.

Custom-built screen rooms for your patio

Rolling screen door panels on our premium range of screen rooms are engineered to keep firmly in position for reliable operation. Sunscape provides screens constructed of an almost transparent material that resists drooping to ensure optimal visibility and robustness. We will design your screening room according to your specific needs, including where you want the doors to go to your garden or yard.

Sunscape Patio Rooms offers a wide range of sunroom options to Long Island, NY residents, including Screen Rooms. Screen rooms from Sunscape Patio Rooms NY allow you to make the most of your outside space year-round.

Screening Area

With a gorgeous, custom-fit screen room and skylight patio canopy from Wendel Home Center, your family will have a bright and cheery respite from the heat and humidity of the summer months. Affordably lit, almost maintenance-free, and powered by the sun’s natural rays. Due to today’s high energy & construction expenses, this innovative outdoor/indoor living environment is the ideal solution.

Bring the smells of the outdoors into your house

Sunscape Patio Rooms will construct a screen room to enclose a front porch or a balcony of any size or shape.

The flat bottom of the maintenance-free aluminum roof is available in either brilliant white or deep walnut wood grain, even without white transparent skylight panels. Create a full-time sunroom in the unused space from your part-time patio. Installing our particular wall system under your current roof is an option. It’s a great place for kids to run around and play without being bothered by traffic, mosquitoes, or weather!

We can help you design a personalized living room that fits your family’s needs and your home’s decor. It’s the perfect place to host guests, eat dinner, play games, or relax with your family.


While sipping on a cup of hot coffee and taking in the gorgeous morning dew, enjoy your new screen room. You may be able to accomplish your dream with the aid of Sunscape’s new screen room.

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