Insider Tips For Quicker Spousal Visa Handling after the process


Here are the 3 prospects of moving or doing whatever it takes to move your adored one to the US through consular handling and their handling times:


  1. Consular handling a spousal or family migrant visa for extremely durable residency GREEN CARD: Government handling normal hang tight time-8 months for visa interview. 3 stage process that beginnings with a request in the US.
  2. Direct consular handling a spousal or family visa GREEN CARD: Government handling normal stand by time-2 to 4 months for visa interview. 2 stage process that beginnings in the unfamiliar country abroad straightforwardly through the office. The US resident high priority lawful residency in the far off country to document straightforwardly with the department.
  3. K3 visa through consular handling PLEASE NOTE: Government handling normal hang tight time-8 months for visa interview Equivalent to CONSULAR Handling FOR THE Settler VISA GREEN CARD! The K3 visa is a transitory non-migrant visa that permits the individual to come to the US to get done with applying for a spousal visa for long-lasting residency Green Card it is not the actual residency it is just a visa to come to the US and finish the cycle in the US. TO Fit the bill FOR THE K3 VISA, YOU Probably Wedded IN A Far off COUNTRY

The main inquiry we get from our k1k3 law office is: To K3 or not to K3?

All through our involvement with family Cong ty lam visa matters, most as of late we have found that the K3 visa is taking a similar measure of time as really getting settler status through the consulate. The K3 just permits you to dwell briefly in the US to complete the cycle for migrant status. In the event that both require 8 months, which is what our law office has been encountering inside the most recent couple of years, generally speaking it is a good idea to deal with the migrant visa as opposed to apply for the K3 visa. Why? It sets aside you time and cash to simply apply for the settler visa and avoid the K3 step! Both require 8 months to handle This intends that assuming you record for settler handling instead of the K3, you will save around 510.00 and you will have the residency status roughly inside a similar measure of time as getting the K3 visa. Direct consular handling includes those US resident candidates who have lawful status in an outside country and are currently moving back to the US with their unfamiliar public companion and/youngsters. You should be a legitimate occupant of the outside public nation to qualify. Our agreement and everything the main movement lawyers and specialists ought to say to you is to consular interaction the migrant visa to set aside time and cash.

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